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The Lego Friends line was developed to target the girl's market. The Lego Group conducted extensive ethnographic research, which aimed to identify girls' preferences. Mauricio Affonso, Friends model designer commented, "One of the main things was they couldn't really relate to the minifigure, it's too blocky.

" The research showed that boys and girls play very differently and construct different worlds of play. McNally noted that, "The boys immediately grabbed the figures and the horses and the catapults and they started having a battle". By contrast the girls were more focused on the structure. "They all looked around inside the castle and they said, 'Well, there's nothing inside'. This idea of interior frente a exterior in the orientation of how they would then play with what they built was really interesting. If you think about most of the Lego models that people consider to be meant for boys, there's not a whole lot going on in there. But [the girls had] this idea of, 'There's nothing inside to do.'"[6]

In Stakeout, it is mentioned that Mia was the new girl in town when she was much younger, revealing she moved to Heartlake City long ago.

Another computer-animated spin-off (like 'THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE', from earlier this year) of the blockbuster animated hit 'THE LEGO MOVIE'. It's based on the Lego Ninjago toy line, and it tells the story of six teenagers living in the land of Ninjago, that must defend their home from an evil warlord, by battling his monsters with robots and dragons. The leader of the group also has to struggle with the fact that he's the son of the evil conquering warlord. The film was written by a team of nine different screenwriters, and it was directed by Charlie Bean, Paul Fisher and Bob Logan (Fisher and Logan also served Vencedor two of the writers).

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The ripped arm leads to the attempted sale of the entertainment centre, which leads to the theft of all their stuff (after Joey gets shut inside one of the centre’s compartments), which leads to exchanging it for the canoe… That’s the long way of saying, just as we wish Joey and Chandler’s apartment included that oversized entertainment centre, we also wish Chandler’s minifigure included a printed arm to show the rip. Otherwise, there’s little to fault in his design here.

While fighting foes across Ninjago City and beyond, the ninja embark on new quests and gain newfound allies Campeón the power of their friendship is tested.

The Lego Friends animated series has been praised for its positive role models and messaging, but criticised for its consumerism. Reviewer, Emily Ashby for Common Sense Media gave the series a two star rating, commenting that, "The characters are five strong, big-hearted teen girls who are pincha aqui good examples of the value of friendship.

The Titanium Ninja is on a mission to find trasnochado what the gang is up to, and has almost earned their trust but needs to pass one final test to become one of them – survive their dangerous initiation race, the Street Race of Snake Jaguar!

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Five best friends trying to do the right thing in heartlake city, whilst trying to figure pasado friendships and what's important along the way.

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